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". . . for as long as there is light . . ."

"We are here to remind you that pain and fear are not the only methods of growth; that you can more elegantly grow through joy and love. . . that you create your own reality . . . that there is a God/Goddess/All That Is who loves you, who knows your name. . . and that you love good enough."  -- Lazaris.

Since 1974, Lazaris has channeled through Jach Pursel, his only channel, offering his friendship and love and generating a remarkable body of tools, techniques, processes, and pathways for our Spiritual Journey to God/Goddess/All That Is.

He has touched thousands of us in his extraordinary workshops and tens of thousands more of us with his books, video recordings, and audio recordings that many have said are the finest tools of metaphysics and spirituality available.

Some information about channeling: About Lazaris and Channeling, Guidelines for Evaluating Channeled Teachings

We invite you to explore the Love and Light, the joy and wonder,
which is this Spark of Love known as Lazaris.

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Merlin-Arthur Legacy: Foundations

    Find a sacred hush amid the noise. Stop. Open the eyes of your heart. Be still. Be grateful for the life you are living and for the bounty you create and that you receive beyond creating. Breathe a breath of inspiration — the inspiration to create more and to love more in a world that needs your love and creation. Feel an inexplicable rush of understanding. Let it flow into you like a cascade of vertical knowing.
    Now surrender to this moment. Surrender your sense of separateness and in the symphony of gratitude, let yourself be. Be the essence of gratitude.
-- Lazaris

Merlin-Arthur Legacy: Legend, Myth & Magic


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Who Is Lazaris?              Lazaris Ball of Light Painting by Gilbert Williams       

Lazaris Explains Lazaris

...Well, we are not a guru, and we are not a master. Oh dear no! We rather moved beyond those levels long ago, as you would call it in time, in our own awareness of our growth. And therefore, we are not intending ever to be followed, to develop disciples, to be anyone's guru, master or leader.

"We are a spark of consciousness" is perhaps the best way to describe us. Content without form. A spark of consciousness that exists and is aware of its existence, that creates thought, that creates reality, just as you are consciousness that creates thought and creates reality. We do it with a greater level of awareness, and we do it without form. That is the difference... (more)


Introduction to Lazaris from Jach

...My eyes closed, and I began my routine of breathing the tension out of my body. I could feel myself starting to slip off to sleep. Then something very strange happened. I started to visualize! I saw things! I saw things spontaneously. This was a first!

I still remember it ... The path twisted this way and that. Green ... everything so very green. The ferns, tall. Trees, lush. Sweet smells. So engrossed in the detail, I forgot to be startled. I forgot to disbelieve.

The images burst. My mind raced ahead. I kept following. Then I saw an intriguing cabin. "Oh, brother," I thought. "This is just too corny! This is almost embarrassing!" But there was something different about this particular cabin. The spontaneity and the uniqueness silenced my skepticism and my sarcasm.

Surrounded in tall pines and sequoias, it had a thatched roof and sparkling glass windows with diamond-shaped beveled panes. The exterior walls were rough cut, but the slightly ajar door was smooth and finely crafted. It was certainly "Americana," but it was something else as well. It intrigued me. It welcomed me.

Maybe it was the twill of smoke. Perhaps it was the warmth of the light pouring from windows and door. The details astonished me. The racing stopped.

I stood for a very long time. Inching my way, the path gave way to three steps. I finally crossed the porch and reached for the latch. The door opened on its own. My skepticism bubbled briefly. I could almost hear it breathe. I stepped into the room.

A man was standing in front of me. He was gentle. I was not afraid. He spoke to me. Our relationship began. ...




Introduction to Lazaris from Peny


Sometimes when you least expect it, an event of great import drops in your life. If you're very lucky, it will also happen that you realize the opportunity of the moment and pay attention. It has been twenty years since Lazaris first channeled his vibration through Jach on October 3rd, 1974. I can still feel that first jolt of amazement and sheer KNOWING that buzzed through me when Lazaris' strong, heavily-accented voice boomed out of Jach's apparently sleeping body: "All right. My name is Lazaris. I'd very much enjoy communicating with you."... (more)



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The Lazaris Material has over 400 audio and video titles with clear exposition of a wide range of self-growth and spirituality topics, transformative meditations
and powerful techniques that work.
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Creating a Brilliant Future

Creating a Brilliant Future

A ground-breaking recording on success and the first part of a magnificent trilogy, this recording focuses on how to craft a future reality (that will affects us now) that is brilliantly powerful, successful, and beautiful. Lazaris takes us on a journey to activate very deep recesses in our brain -- the recesses that are constantly manufacturing the future whether we're aware of it or not....

Discovering Our Personal Strengths & Unique Powers

New Maps to More Elegant Futures

Overcoming Obstacles

Reducing Fear & Worry + Reducing Stress

Sometimes we can get bound up in cycles where we are afraid and worried all the time and when the level of stress seems unbearable. The two meditations work as a pair to reduce the fear, worry, and stress that are there -- and they continue to work to reprogram our Subconscious Mind in a way that has us creating fewer and fewer of the situations that create these exhausting emotions.

Awakening the Love

Letting More Love into Your Life

Despite what we know of love, we often resist letting more love into our lives. Perhaps we fear the never-ending quality of love; perhaps we have found happiness in love, but fear its joy. Our erroneous definitions and expectations of love may explain our resistance. Maybe we just have not created the time or the space for more love...

Self-Love / Love

Accessing the Incredible Force of Love

Creativity and Imagination

Enlivening and Embellishing Personal Creativity

Out of the Essence of Creation, out of its eternal mystery, your personal creativity emerges shimmering with the light of hope and alive with the heartbeat of enchantment.

Pools of Imagination

The Artistry of Loving: Creating and Manifesting

Articles by Jach Pursel


New! The Art and Skill of Abundance

September 23, 2014,

It Seems to Me (2)...

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