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"We are here to remind you that pain and fear are not the only methods of growth; that you can more elegantly grow through joy and love. . . that you create your own reality . . . that there is a God/Goddess/All That Is who loves you, who knows your name. . . and that you love good enough."  -- Lazaris.

Since 1974, Lazaris has channeled through Jach Pursel, his only channel, offering his friendship and love and generating a remarkable body of tools, techniques, processes, and pathways for our Spiritual Journey to God/Goddess/All That Is.

He has touched thousands of us in his extraordinary workshops and tens of thousands more of us with his books, video recordings, and audio recordings that many have said are the finest tools of metaphysics and spirituality available.

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We invite you to explore the Love and Light, the joy and wonder,
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A note from Jach on July 4th:

A shopping market in Baghdad, a bakery in Bangladesh, an airport in Istanbul, and a nightclub in Orlando, are not the complete list but only the latest additions. My first angry/fearful response was that I wanted all the countries in the world to come together and to be so fed up with ISAL that they 'squeezed ISAL out of existence.' The whole world would come together to just kill them all; make them all just disappear. Of course it was an adolescent fantasy twisted by my anger and fear, and my sense of powerlessness, a fantasy distorted by the terror I was feeling.


Letting go of that fantasy I focused on feeling the sadness and the pain, along with the abundant fury and rage, of those who were terrorized and of the witnesses throughout the world. I focused on my sadness, my pain. I worked magic, sending healing energy, and I searched for what I can do and how I can be.

In previous acts of terror, and specifically in this series of actions, I see certain common threads that both perpetrators and victims share. Of course there are the threads of anger/fear/fury/rage that the terrorists feel. Their actions are shameful attempts to get rid of those feelings by dumping them, along with their sense of alienation, on their victims. Those who survive the attacks are filled, sometimes consumed, with the same threads of anger/fear and with fury and rage. Those such as me, who witness these acts of terror, can also be tangled in these threads.

As I considered this, I also thought about something Lazaris had said about one of the prevailing energies of this phase of the year: Calls for Action and Change.

"The winds of change will blow, and the earth will tremble, generating an urgency. There will be the loud call: Action must be taken." But what action and by whose authority? "Change must happen." But to what yet unknown end, and what freedoms are at risk? (Lazaris)

Okay, I let go of my adolescent's call to action and I looked in a different direction.

First I turned to my magic of Being a Champion of Sadness and a Champion of Pain. I worked with owning my fears and then with owning my sadness and pain. Preparing in this fashion, I was ready. With their permission, I absorbed the sadness and pain of those who survived the terror - the sadness and pain of those who witnessed the terror firsthand and then of those who witnessed at a distance. As a Champion of my sadness and pain, as well as their sadness and pain, I released it for transmutation and transformation. With such work I was changing the resonance of terrorism. It was a beginning.

Then it became more clear to me: The terrorists are using threads of anger and fear, along with threads of fury and rage, combined in cords of alienation to weave a fabric that has become a tapestry of terror - a map and a morphogenic field in which it is tragically "easier" to carry out their lone wolf or organized actions. Added to this, there are opportunists of terror who are out there using these threads for personal gain, and thus they are adding to the fabric of terror with disregard or no regard for the consequences. Victims and witnesses - witnesses like me - are making our contribution. The dark tapestry of terror is woven quickly, and it is being woven even more quickly these days.

It also seems to me that the Weaver Woman waits with her Black Dog. She waits for me to work my magic to dismantle the weavings of terrorists and the weavings of opportunists of terror. She waits for me to come with my magic to work with her. Together we can weave a different fabric. We can co-create a different tapestry.

This is what I am doing: I am working Esoteric Co-Creation Magic (the magic with seen and unseen friends) and Refined Arcane Co-Creation Magic (the mystical level of magic involving seen and unseen friends, and energies and forces beyond the seen and unseen).

I am working with a specifically defined group of Ancients of my tradition. I am lifting that magic beyond what I can see, and beyond what I know, into the mystical unseen. To this blend of co-creation I add the Weaver Woman and her Black Dog. The magic we are working is twofold.

First, we are working magic to unravel the tapestries woven of anger and fear by terrorists and opportunists of terror. Then we are working the magic by imagining that people all over the world are so fed up with terrorists and opportunists of terror that they are beginning to work together in teams, in consensus communities and with spiritual community, to weave something new, something different.

Lazaris talks of seven expressions of Co-Creation Magic. The first three (teamwork, community, spiritual community) lead to the fulcrum of co-creation, Esoteric Co-Creation Magic. Beyond this there is the liberating level of Refined Arcane Co-Creation. As a masterful magician I am working with levels 4 and 5 to awaken levels 1, 2, and 3 within the consensus reality of which I am still a part.

As I work my magic, together we are co-creating the images of weaving something more beautiful with constructive anger and fear - anger at the injustice and inhumanity in the world and in people's lives, fear of tyranny and of opportunism that are fostered during these turbulent and confusing times. We are imagining the weaving of something different and new with the power of fury and rage - the fury and outrage at the inequity and at the lack of dignity, character, vision, and vitality. Same threads but woven in a very different way, and woven in a co-creative way.

These are the things I'm thinking about on this 4th of July. I invite you to join me in your way. Let's work co-creation magic together.

A Lazaris Blending: Healing Terrorism's Damage,
A Time of Loving, Healing and Dreaming (December 2015)

Dear Friends,

In light of the recent tragic events that happened in Orlando, we wanted to share a Lazaris blending that has been invaluable in working with the impact of terrorism.  We will be making this blending available for free from June 14 to June 30. If you are a forum member, it will continue to remain available to you in the forum library. 
Click on this link to access the blending: http://www.lazaris.com/astreamingfree/53164a.html

It's time to love, to heal, to dream, and yes, it's time to work magic ... come journey with us. ~ Lazaris


We also wanted to highlight one of the ways Jach is working with the impact of this terrorist attack. 

Jach's Facebook post: bit.ly/1XVqRgM


They call it Terror in Orlando and remind us that it was the worst mass shooting in the history of America, the worst terrorist attack since 9/11, and the worst attack on the LGBTQ Community in our history. All true. It was and still is a horror and a terror.

Trump thinks he has all the answers while others are searching, sometimes frantically sometimes not, for those answers. While it's all happening, I keep going back to the pain and my heart - my soul - weeps.

I keep feeling my pain and imaging their pain, the pain of those who were wounded and of those who suffered hours of dread waiting. Waiting to die. Waiting to be rescued. My heart goes out to those by-standers, if that's the right word, whose families and friends died or were wounded or who survived untouched physically but deeply touched, even scarred, emotionally.

The images that keeps coming to mind are ones where souls are separated from and searching for their human expressions or counterparts. A lot of people, grasping for their souls that night, lost touch. People and their souls were battered, and they are in pain. Some are lost in pain. The looming message I keep hearing: Help them.

In my Imaginal Realm, I am creating Rescue Centers for Souls and People to come in from their "Lost Night of Souls," to find each other again. To connect. To grieve. To heal. There are some Centers - large geometric shapes of white or pearl light - that are for those who died and other Centers of pastel green and blue lights for those who were wounded. There are also some Centers - large geometric domes of rainbow lights - for those who were emotional and mentally ravaged and torn apart that night of June 12, 2016.

I watch as Souls and People gather looking for each other. I watch them enter the geometric of light together. Some enter alone not having found their other part yet. Perhaps within the Centers, beyond my view, they will find each other. I watch and I feel the presence of my soul. A beautiful sadness and a gentle joy, a tenderness and gentleness. Courage. At times I feel my Soul resting hands upon my shoulders. I watch.

I lift my voice not in sound, but by flowing white and pearl light, sending soft blue and green lights, and lifting swirls of rainbow of lights. I lift my voice by sending love and light and healing magic.

I invite you to join me. We can stand together and lift our voices.

Much love,




Merlin-Arthur Legacy: Foundations

  Know that you are loved. Beyond all reason, beyond all memory, beyond all imagination, you are loved. Be lifted by that love. Be lifted beyond its clarity and purity. Be lifted beyond its wisdom. Celebrate its majesty and its magnificence.
You can love as you never have loved before; you can love as you have never dared love before.

-- Lazaris

Merlin-Arthur Legacy: Legend, Myth & Magic


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"We are a spark of consciousness" is perhaps the best way to describe us. Content without form. A spark of consciousness that exists and is aware of its existence, that creates thought, that creates reality, just as you are consciousness that creates thought and creates reality. We do it with a greater level of awareness, and we do it without form. That is the difference... (more)


Introduction to Lazaris from Jach

...My eyes closed, and I began my routine of breathing the tension out of my body. I could feel myself starting to slip off to sleep. Then something very strange happened. I started to visualize! I saw things! I saw things spontaneously. This was a first!

I still remember it ... The path twisted this way and that. Green ... everything so very green. The ferns, tall. Trees, lush. Sweet smells. So engrossed in the detail, I forgot to be startled. I forgot to disbelieve.

The images burst. My mind raced ahead. I kept following. Then I saw an intriguing cabin. "Oh, brother," I thought. "This is just too corny! This is almost embarrassing!" But there was something different about this particular cabin. The spontaneity and the uniqueness silenced my skepticism and my sarcasm.

Surrounded in tall pines and sequoias, it had a thatched roof and sparkling glass windows with diamond-shaped beveled panes. The exterior walls were rough cut, but the slightly ajar door was smooth and finely crafted. It was certainly "Americana," but it was something else as well. It intrigued me. It welcomed me.

Maybe it was the twill of smoke. Perhaps it was the warmth of the light pouring from windows and door. The details astonished me. The racing stopped.

I stood for a very long time. Inching my way, the path gave way to three steps. I finally crossed the porch and reached for the latch. The door opened on its own. My skepticism bubbled briefly. I could almost hear it breathe. I stepped into the room.

A man was standing in front of me. He was gentle. I was not afraid. He spoke to me. Our relationship began. ...




Introduction to Lazaris from Peny


Sometimes when you least expect it, an event of great import drops in your life. If you're very lucky, it will also happen that you realize the opportunity of the moment and pay attention. It has been twenty years since Lazaris first channeled his vibration through Jach on October 3rd, 1974. I can still feel that first jolt of amazement and sheer KNOWING that buzzed through me when Lazaris' strong, heavily-accented voice boomed out of Jach's apparently sleeping body: "All right. My name is Lazaris. I'd very much enjoy communicating with you."... (more)



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